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Effective. Pure. elline


Display Superstar 2019

Display Superstar 2019

Pure Beauty Global Awards 2019

Skin Experts Reviews

The innovative and highly efficient product line of elline Switzerland is characterized by an optimal combination of highly effective, clinically proven active ingredients.

I just wanted to reach out and tell you that the products are lovely and a pleasure to use. As I mentioned, I am especially enjoying the Instant Eye Lift cream.

The products spread well over the skin and are also very suitable as a make-up base and are absolutely in line with today's requirements and today's spirit of time.

The fine texture of the products is quick absorbed, the skin feels very tight, well firmed and improves in: radiance elasticity, softness, hydration. 

Effective. Pure. elline

Nowadays, effectiveness and purity are no longer mutually exclusive. Even the purest substances can also be highly effective as elline Switzerland’s innovative care products have impressively proven. Produced following our most prised recipes, elline’s products tether scientifically proven effectiveness with uncompromising purity, all thanks to carefully selected active ingredients. These highly effective active complexes are made of pure raw materials based on the latest research findings and the highest quality standards. These complexes work harmoniously to nourish the skin and body, making elline a shining example of pure beauty - radiating the power of Swiss nature and research.

The Pure Swiss Skincare Miracle

The snow-capped mountaintops represent the highest points in Switzerland. Their white splendour is made up of countless crystals that refract the rays of the sun like tiny mirrors and reflect them millions of times over. These world-renowned peaks also reflect the purity and radiance that elline embodies as well. The active ingredients in elline’s products come from the untouched mountain world of the Swiss Alps, and they are processed in Switzerland according to the strictest purity criteria and the highest quality standards.

Swiss Made

In the field of high-end skincare, Switzerland has always been a constant star for research and innovation. The best scientists in the world are committed to finding new active ingredients to foster a beautiful, radiant skin. The perfect symbiosis of state-of-the-art research, conscientious production, and novel ingredients with scientifically proven effectiveness makes elline a unique skincare brand meeting the industry’s highest demands.

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