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Effective. Pure. elline

Luxury Is When the Best Ingredients Act in Combination

Nowadays, efficacy and pure ingredients no longer have to be mutually exclusive. Even the purest substances can be highly effective as elline Switzerland’s innovative care products impressively prove. Produced following most precious recipes, they combine scientifically proven effectiveness and uncompromising purity thanks to selected active ingredients. Their highly effective active ingredient complexes are made of pure raw materials according to the latest research findings and the highest quality standards. They are a true blessing for skin and body. This makes elline, in the truest sense of the word, a shining example of pure beauty, richly filled with the radiant power of Swiss nature and research.

The Shining One

Light gives life. Life grants energy. Since time immemorial, we have connected light with the good and pure. Light makes us happy, brings out our beauty, and makes us radiate. Just like elline. Named after Helen - "the shining one" - elline stands for the radiant beauty that everyone can perceive as well as for the radiance that shines from within - whenever one feels completely comfortable in one’s skin.