Luxury Is When the Best Ingredients Act in Harmony

Nowadays, effectiveness and purity are no longer mutually exclusive. Even the purest substances can also be highly effective as elline Switzerland’s innovative care products have impressively proven. Produced following our most prised recipes, elline’s products tether scientifically proven effectiveness with uncompromising purity, all thanks to carefully selected active ingredients. 

The Pure Swiss Skincare Miracle

In the field of high-end skincare, Switzerland has always been a constant star for research and innovation. The best scientists in the world are committed to finding new active ingredients to foster a beautiful, radiant skin. The perfect symbiosis of state-of-the-art research, conscientious production, and novel ingredients with scientifically proven effectiveness makes elline a unique skincare brand meeting the industry’s highest demands.

Das elline Reinheitsversprechen

Alle Produkte besitzen als Qualitätssiegel die höchste vegan-Zertifizierung und werden ohne Tierversuche, GVO, Parabene, PEG, synthetische Farbstoffe, schädliche Konservierungsstoffe sowie Sulfate hergestellt. Sie sind dermatologisch getestet, und entsprechen den höchsten Produktionsstandards der Schweiz.
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