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elline - The 24k Lifting Serum - Discover the Younger Looking You

by Firass Chamas 04 Nov 2020 0 Comments

In times where everyone wants to look and feel good, a glowing radiant skin is the first step towards a beautiful you. Aging cannot be stopped but it can definitely be delayed with anti-aging products that the beauty market is replete with. Lifting serum is gaining popularity as one of the best anti-aging product that helps delaying the clock.

Serum is used for treating several signs of aging like wrinkles, skin- redness, and pigmentation. It contains ingredients vitamin A, C and E that penetrate deep into your skin barrier and facilitate the process of regeneration. Another key ingredient added in the serum is topical retinol, a substance added to cream to help accelerate the production of collagen and making your skin plump and soft. 

The ‘Treasures of Youth’ collection by elline has a range of best anti-aging products that are pure and effective on your skin. The ingredients that go in making the ‘Treasures of Youth’ collection come from the Swiss Alps and years of research that is home for some of the most wonderful gifts that Mother Nature has to offer. The 24k Lifting Serum is one of the prime example of effectiveness and purity can be combined in a product to give you the best.

Read on to know more about the features, benefits and the way to apply the 24k Lifting Serum that your skin would adore.

The 24k Lifting Serum- What goes into making your skin look loved.

All that your skin needs is just one drop to unleash the wonders of radiance and exuberance of a younger-looking you. The ‘Treasures of Youth’ 24k Lifting Serum works by reaching the deeper layers of your skin and resulting in phenomenal regeneration. What helps the 24k Lifting Serum do the wonders is Hyalgen which are spherical gold crystals combined with short-chained low molecular hyaluronic acid. Because the hyaluronic acid is short-chained it can go deeper in your skin than long-chained hyaluronic acid. With the release of the singular gold particle in the cell, hyaluronic acid molecules are released in huge quantities concurrently galvanizing the two most important things- hyaluronic acid that your body produces on its own and the protein that it has in abundance, collagen. Use the 24k Lifting Serum and see the imperfections and wrinkles of on your face disappear giving way to glowing and youthful skin.

Nature and Science at their Best

Watch nature and science in perfect harmony to give the perfect youthful look to your skin and the best anti-aging product.

Photo: rawpixel @ unsplash

Hyalgen, a patented active ingredient is spherical gold crystals combined with short-chained low molecular hyaluronic acid that is the highlight ingredient in the elline ‘Treasures of Youth’ 24K Lifting Serum. The water of the Swiss Alps, the essence of purity is encapsulated with Liposome, a tiny bubble composed of the same material as a cell enters the barriers of your skin. This leads to an optimal regeneration of the epidermis from within and magically transforms your skin to a more supple and softer version of itself. Vitamin A is a dermatologically approved vitamin that is used as a crucial ingredient in skincare products. Vitamin A has the ability to dissolve in fats and oils (liposoluble) easily. Retinol is the touchstone for any anti-aging product but due to an array of issues, it is difficult to use it as and poses impediments in manufacturing. Vit-A-Like™ is a botanical alternative to Retinol with all the goodness and none of the challenges of Retinol. Odorless and soluble in water, it helps your precious skin regenerate and nurture it from within. With age, your skin gradually loses moisture. It is important to retain the moisture and re-hydrate your skin for a youthful-looking you. Microalgae Rodella Violacea discharges a mucous made of phycocolloids that helps fight your skin with harmful UV rays, salt stress, and other damages that the environment can do to your skin. Last but not the least, the patented Raspberry stem cell extract maintains the elasticity and deeply moisturizes it.

Establish a beauty routine

Make Treasures of Youth’ 24k Lifting Serum the best friend of your skincare routine and see it changing for the better. Wash your face and subsequently apply 2-3 drops of that golden treasure on it and on your exposed neckline. Let it rest for a minute or two so that all goodness penetrates into the depths of your skin. Use the Lifting Serum with 24h Intensive Cream to give the maximum tender loving care that you deserve.

The Process Behind the Youthful Looking You

The exceptional gold crystals soothes and refreshes your skin

  • Round the clock moisturization of your skin thanks to the liposomal (Liposome, a tiny bubble composed of the same material as a cell enters the barriers of your skin) encapsulated Swiss glacier water and the minerals that make it unique. The moisture content of your skin increases dramatically within two hours of its application (up to 45%)
  • Hydrolysed extract of the microalgae Rodella Violacea, are full of nutrients that conditions, detoxifies and softens your skin, ensure rigorous miniaturizations of your skin
  • Hyalgen, which are spherical gold crystals combined with short-chained molecular hyaluronic acid oligomers works on the cells in multiple ways. It increases elasticity, firmness, and volume of your cell giving your skin a nimble and graceful look.
  • Hyalgen, also significantly reduce the wrinkles and all other imperfections that your skin undergoes as part of the aging process (up to 56%)
  • Vit-A-Like™, the botanical alternative of retinol gives your skin comprehensive care

What You Experience

“Treasures of Youth” 24k Lifting Serum has proven systematically work on all three fronts to ensure a younger-looking skin- firmness, elasticity, and radiance The regular use of the ‘Treasures of Youth’ collection 24k Lifting Serum makes your skin soft as a fluffy feather and long-lasting glow. elline gives you the combination of the best ingredients to make you look breathtakingly young.

  • The signs of aging are considerably reduced (up to 50%)
  • There is a significant delay in the appearance of wrinkles (up to 56%)
  • The elasticity of your skin is restored and it appears luminous
  • The 24-carat gold crystals refreshes and soothes your skin
  • Active ingredient Hyalgen which are spherical gold crystals combined with short-chained molecular hyaluronic acid acts radically to increase the density of your skin (up to 171%)
  • The precious gold particles complement your complexion.

Pure and Ethical

elline gives your skin the very best anti-aging care and maintains an exceptional standard when it comes to quality compliance and ethical practices. The product is committed to purity and provides the best ingredient that nature has to offer straight from the Swiss Alps. The ‘Treasures of Youth’ 24k Lifting Serum is not tested on animals and is exceedingly proud to be awarded the highest vegan certificate. elline loves you as much as you love your skin and therefore the 24k Lifting Serum does not include any of the harmful chemicals like synthetic dyes, PEGs, sulphates, parabens, and GMOs that can cause damage to your skin. Dermatologically tested, the product passes the Swiss production standard one of the most stringent tests.

Come experience the magic of the purity on your skin.

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