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Exclusive Beauty Pouch

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Scientifically Proven Effectiveness

With almost 100 different raw materials, elline Switzerland's innovative formulations contain a multitude of highly efficient ingredients. Based on the latest scientific findings and along with patented, effective active ingredients, they ensure a visibly well-groomed, firmer, and rejuvenated skin. Active ingredients include, among other substances, liposomal encapsulated Swiss glacier water as well as spherical gold crystals in combination with short-chain hyaluronic acid. All formulations and the promises derived thereof are based on decades of research, state-of-the-art development methods, as well as clinical studies on active substances. This is the only way to guarantee that elline Switzerland’s skincare products are among the most effective and innovative ones on the market. In contrast to other skincare products, elline Switzerland’s exquisite formulations exhibit a much higher concentration of active ingredients than would be necessary to achieve an average effect. This is perfectly in line with the understanding of the quest for maximum effectiveness, elline Switzerland adheres to.

The elline Purity Promise

An essential part of the ingredients making up a cream that you apply to your face finally end up in the bloodstream of your body. That is why we at elline Switzerland will never compromise on the purity and safety of our ingredients, the quality, as well as the skin compatibility of our products. All of our products have been granted – as a seal of quality - the highest vegan certification and, importantly, they are manufactured without prior animal testing, and they do not include GMOs, parabens, PEGs, synthetic dyes, harmful preservatives, and sulphates. Moreover, they are dermatologically tested; halal certified, and they meet the highest Swiss production standards. This makes elline Switzerland the first premium skincare brand to combine highly effective skincare with the strictest purity criteria and Swiss quality standards.