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Clean Beauty- For a Safer and More Beautiful You

by Firass Chamas 27 Oct 2020 0 Comments

The desire to look beautiful and have a radiant skin is but natural. To cater to this desire to look gorgeous and youthful, the beauty market is proliferated with products that claim to make your skin look soft and supple with the glow of youth. However, not everything that comes in an attractively packed bottle is good for your skin. From petroleum to lead and synthetic dyes, harmful chemicals lurk behind many of the skincare and beauty products that you use. The hard-earned money that you invest in these products is more towards their marketing and alluring packaging than the heath of your skin.

Clean Beauty- Why do we need it?

Unlike other industries that have a robust legal system to regulate them, the beauty and skincare industry has somehow escaped the net till now. There are hardly any policies or laws around the use of chemicals in the products. This is slowly changing but the pace needs to pick up. In the absence of the laws and policies, the customers are easily fooled into believing that the products that come with the marketing tags like “organic, “natural” are actually good for their skin. This blatant “green-washing” does more harm than good by falsely making you believe that you are investing in a health-conscious product.

The good news is that people are waking up and demanding skincare products that are actually good for their skin and holding the players in the beauty industry accountable for cleaner and greener products. The concept of clean beauty has gained ground in the last decade. The clean beauty movement has been at the forefront of demanding the beauty industry to clean up their act.

Clean beauty- What is it?

We have talked a fair bit about why we need clean beauty. But what actually is clean beauty? Does it mean all natural and no synthetic materials in the manufacturing of the products? Does it mean that everything used is organic?

Clean beauty is a brand new category where the traditional and the natural collide to give its customers a product that is safe for them without compromising on the results. Clean beauty is all about products that are mindfully manufactured without harmful chemicals and toxic materials. The health of both your skin and the environment is central to the concept of clean beauty.

Traditionally, fragrance with allergens used in the skincare products cause a lot of skin and nasal allergies like sneezing, headache, symptoms of asthma, nausea, itching and burning of skin etc. The brands that believe in the clean beauty movement consciously use materials that are not harmful to the skin. For example fragrance in their products would be without allergens.

Clean beauty also means that the products are ethically manufactured. One of the critical indicators of ethical manufacturing is no animal testing of the products.

Lastly, clean beauty means that you become responsible for the health of your skin. Start by reading up about the common ingredients that are used in the products that you use and the effects that they have on your skin and your body. Most of these products end up in your bloodstream and do greater damage than you may imagine.

Synthetic active ingredients are ingredients are not developed in a scientific lab after research. These ingredients are used to hydrate, protect and rejuvenate your skin and change the structure of your skin. So does clean beauty mean that it is totally free from synthetic active ingredients and is entirely natural? The short answer is no. The prime requirement is that the products are safe. Clean beauty does not mean it has to be totally natural or entirety without synthetics. There are a whole lot of safer synthetic active ingredients and preservatives that are gentle on your skin and do no harm.

The brands that manufacture and market beauty and skincare products are realizing that purity and effectiveness are not mutually exclusive. A clean beauty product does not mean healthy skin at the cost of effectiveness.

In the bid to maintain both effectiveness and purity and give its customers the best of both the worlds, the players of the beauty industry invest heavily in rigorous research. The research ensures the maximum concentration of active ( but safe) ingredients for a high degree of effectiveness. The brands use various active complexes that are made of safe pure raw materials based on the latest research findings and the highest quality standards. The complexes are in harmony with each other and provide the radiance and nourishment that your body deserves. Elimination of toxic products like parabens, PEG, harmful preservatives, and sulphates is accompanied by safer alternatives for your skin.

The players in the beauty industry are gradually realizing the importance of symbiosis between science and nature. From the snow-capped mountains of the Swiss Alps to nature’s bounty in the great Amazonian forests, brands are investing time and resources in finding out ingredients that exist in nature and synthesis them with man-made ones to gift their customers the gift of pure and safe beauty care products.

The beauty industry is now adhering to the highest safety standards existing in their states, saying no to animal testing and constantly endeavoring for safer, better alternatives for a beautiful you.

In short:

Lack of rules and policies have led the skincare industry to use chemicals that are toxic and not safe for your skin. The clean beauty concept keeps the heath of your skin paramount in its priority list and uses ingredients and processes that are safe for your skin and body. Clean beauty is an amalgamation of the traditional and the modern to give you skincare products that are a promise of purity without compromising on the effectiveness. Clean beauty is not about being au natural but products that do no harm to your skin. Harmful chemicals and animal testing are replacing nontoxic ingredients and adherence to the highest standards of safety to ensure the health of your skin.

Clean beauty is here to stay and give you the best version of yourself.

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