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Elline is now available at the #lab Galeries Lafayette at The Dubai Mall

by Firass Chamas 10 Aug 2020 0 Comments

Read the full article in Grazia magazine.


elline and Lancer Skincare are now available at the #lab Galeries Lafayette at The Dubai Mall

Clean beauty is one of the hottest trends of the moment, and with this in mind, Galeries Lafayette has launched a new clean beauty concept store to nurture a more holistic, wellness-focused approach, and is kicking off the new decade by launching its 2020 beauty week in from the 22 January until 1 February.

Perfectly complementing the existing powerhouse brands, the #lab brings a curation of the world’s best-loved, authentic, clean beauty brands and ethically sourced natural remedies, in some cases for the first time in the UAE.

This year’s beauty week is all about celebrating life, wellness, and experiencing latest makeup, skincare and fragrance from different brands, inlcuding Elline, a Swiss skincare range focussed on effective anti-ageing that doesn't compromise on ethics or ingredients, and Lancer Skincare, a range created by Hollywood's go-to dermatologist, Dr Harold Lancer, that counts Kim Kardashian and Ellen DeGeneres as clients.

Here Grazia speaks to Firass Chamas, the Co-Founder and CEO of Elline Switzerland, and Dr Lancer to find out more. 

Firass Chamas

How did you come up with the idea for your brand?

When we started creating the brand, our core idea was it to combine two things Switzerland is well-known for: high-end skincare and the purity of the Swiss nature. We wanted to prove the world that effective skincare can be pure too!

What is the biggest trend in skincare at the moment and how is your brand addressing this?

Plant-based Retinol. Retinol gets all the attention, because it gets the job done when it comes to wrinkles, but retinol can irritate the skin and it isn’t safe to use for pregnant or breastfeeding moms. However, our research and product development team managed to create a safe plant-based and vegan certified alternative with proven effects similar to retinol.

When should we start using anti-ageing products?

Anti-aging products, particularly those with antioxidants, can be used as early as age 21. It doesn't matter whether "age spots" have begun to form or not - taking preventative steps by using anti-aging products at a younger age can help in the long run.

What are the most common myths surrounding skincare at the moment?

That tanning is bad for you. Excessive tanning can damage skin and increase skin cancer risk, but developing a light tan isn’t dangerous. As long as you use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30, applying it thoroughly and reapplying when necessary, and avoiding peak sun exposure times

What’s the hero product from your range?

Integrated 24-karat gold flakes make the 24k Lifting Serum, available at #lab at Galeries Lafayette, The Dubai Mall, the highlight of our 'Treasures of Youth' collection.

Is the trend for “clean beauty” changing the way people are approaching skincare?

Until recently, consumers were in the dark about some of the chemicals present in the products they used daily and the dangerous impact they could have on their bodies. But with the help of technology and social media, researching products has never been easier. With apps like codecheck, consumers can find out exactly what’s in their beauty products and whether it poses a health risk to them.




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